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Feminist Moms

Sticking it to the Man.

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To promote and discuss issues relating to feminism from a mom's perspective!
This community was created for feminist moms and other enlightened, like-minded individuals.
Intelligent debate is allowed. Name calling, personal attacks and pissing contests are not.
Membership must be approved and I really only have three rules:
1. No prolifers. I don't care what anyone says, that goes against the very foundation of feminism.
2. No boob nazis. If you breastfeed, that's great. Just don't condemn or judge another mom for making a different choice that you know nothing about.
3. No judgements please. You are not the perfect mother. None of us are so don't give anyone else shit for a decision they made for their own child. You are just another person with a computer, not a childcare expert no matter how many websites you researched.

Please check out the website momsrising.org! I can't say enough good things about what they are doing!